College Credit

The NJATC firmly believes in and is committed to the education of apprentices and journey-level workersin the organized electrical industry. That strong commitment manifests itself in quality apprenticeship and journey-level training programs. Individuals participating in the various apprenticeship training programs can receive college level credit for their efforts, while those working to improve their skills level may qualify for CEUs. The NJATC is committed to helping all training participants reap the rewards of their efforts by constantly updating, improving and developing state-of-the-art training programs of the highest caliber.

ACE Credits

The American Council on Education (ACE) has evaluated all four of the NJATC apprenticeship programs. The Inside Apprenticeship Program evaluation has been performed and awarded up to 60 semester credit hours, the Outside Apprenticeship Program has been awarded 25 semester credit hours, the Residential Apprenticeship Program has been awarded 17 semester credit hours and the Telecommunications Installer-Technician Apprenticeship Program has been awarded 37 semester credit hours.

ACE Credits

Continuing Education Credits (CEUs)

The NJATC continues to offer Continuing Education Units (CEUs) from the University of Tennessee to those participating in NJATC skills upgrade training courses being taught on the local level, as well as all NJATC sponsored training programs. This program DOES NOT apply to the regular apprenticeship curriculum, but does count for credit for apprentices who complete other NJATC courses offered by the Local JATC. CEUs are an excellent way to record an individual's course work in transcript form. It also provides a record that can be accessed at any time as proof of courses completed. Many states require individuals to take additional course work to keep certifications and credentials active. All programs should be taking advantage of this opportunity. Local programs wishing to offer CEUs for specific courses should contact the NJATC for details on how to establish CEU qualifying courses.